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The best tax investment you'll make is reading the Ultimate Tax Guide.

Learn the tax laws, tips and strategies the CPA’s know, but charge you $150 an hour for. This powerful e-book provides professional tax hints and tools for any direct seller or network marketer looking to maximize their tax deductions and capture more income.

"The Tax Guide book has increased my business tax deduction possibilities and given me a professional accounting system."

- Sandy, Group Director, Sunrider International

You too can save hundreds of dollars with your $49 investment in the Ultimate Tax Guide book. Buy your e-book with powerful tax information and planning tools now.

If you do your own taxes with a software program like TurboTax, the Ultimate Tax Guide gives you the facts and confidence to complete your returns quickly and correctly while leveraging your available deductions.

If you use a CPA the Ultimate Tax Guide will give you knowledge to ask the right questions and tools to better prepare your books, saving you and your tax professional consulting and preparation time, which saves you money.

In any situation, at any time of the year, the investment in this book will open your eyes, empower your knowledge and provide tracking tools to master your tax situation.

The Ultimate Tax Guide E-Book includes:

  • Tax law information directly related to network marketing.
  • Tax tips only the professionals know.
  • TaxTrackers to provide yearlong income and expense tracking.
  • Free annual tax law updates.
  • Access to CPA question/answer forum
  • Introduction to accounting basics as they apply to network marketing.
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"The Ultimate Tax Guide book is tailored to our MLM/direct selling industry and has the information I needed to increase my bottom line profit. This publication, and its accompanying tools, is an on-going enhancement to my business and I highly recommend it."

- Sandy, Group Director, Sunrider International

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Get Your Ultimate Tax Guide Now!Pages of tax laws, tips, advice and tools - Save hundreds of dollars for just
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Casey Mattson is a Certified Public Accountant with 10 years of experience in the small business arena. He is a principal at Johnson, Mattson, Peterson & Company, PA in Buffalo, MN. Casey came into his area of expertise through his and his wife’s success as distributors for Sunrider International.